Eliminating Pesky Pet Hair from Your Vehicle

If you like traveling with your pet but you could do without the hairy mess that it leaves behind, Maranello Alfa Romeo in Woodbridge South, ON has advice on getting rid of the problem once and for all. We’re standing by to act as your partners in car care, and we look forward to becoming the service providers that you trust now and for many years yet to come.

Employing the power of fabric softener or static energy could help to loosen hard-to-remove pet hair. Fabric lint rollers are designed to pick up hair and other loose fibers, so they come in especially handy when there’s pet hair that needs to be lifted from automotive flooring and upholstery.

After you’ve gotten your vehicle clean and free of pet hair, take steps to prevent its return later on. Brush your pet regularly to cut down on loose hair, and consider traveling with a pet basket or crate to corral your pet and its hair while you’re on the road.