What’s the Right Way to Touch Up Your Car’s Paint Job?

As a car owner, you've probably heard all about the importance of changing the oil and checking the tires. But have you ever been advised about touching up the paint? It's a necessary component of keeping your vehicle in the best condition possible.

The first step is figuring out the exact color that graces your car. Don't rely on your eyesight; look for the official color code listed in the owner's manual. The next step is washing your vehicle and sanding its surface so that the paint can be applied smoothly and evenly without any bumps. Finally, put your brush to the car and get the job done.

Are you a little nervous about messing with your vehicle's paint job? Would you rather have the professionals do it instead of attempting a DIY project? Contact us at Maranello Alfa Romeo. We offer all kinds of car maintenance services for drivers in Vaughan, ON.