Electric Vehicle Future at Maranello Alfa Romeo


Alfa Romeo is committed to delivering only electric-powered vehicles by 2027. This bold shift in direction signifies the dedication Alfa Romeo has towards providing carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly transportation solutions, without compromising performance. For years to come, Maranello Alfa Romeo is ready to help prepare you for the all-electric future of our luxury Italian vehicle brand. Learn more about our electric future, and visit our dealership today for more information about our current model lineup.

Upcoming Electric Vehicle Models

Arriving likely in 2022, the Alfa Romeo Tonale concept vehicle is 100% electric, a first for Alfa Romeo. This versatile crossover delivers utility and unmatched efficiency, all without compromising the level of performance you expect from an Alfa Romeo model. Read our blog about the upcoming Tonale for more information about this exciting model.

Why Only Electric Vehicles?

Why is Alfa Romeo shifting to all-electric vehicles? By 2027, Alfa Romeo will be delivering solely electric-powered vehicles for our customers. As an industry leader, Alfa Romeo wants to lead the way as we shift towards an eco-friendly future when it comes to vehicles. We aim to be at the forefront when government authorities implement policies like zero-emission vehicles in the near future.

The Benefits of Electric Vehicles

The benefits of electric vehicles have been well-outlined over the years. Alfa Romeo’s electric vehicle lineup will help you eliminate fuel costs from your budget, as well as provide electrifying performance thanks to all-electric motors. Additionally, the reduction in emissions will greatly benefit our planet and the environment here in Canada.

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