How Does Apple CarPlay Work in Alfa Romeo Vehicles?

Two Alfa Romeo vehicles side by side

Luxury vehicles, such as those made by Alfa Romeo, make it easy for drivers to seamlessly integrate their phone with their vehicle. Wondering how you can access your favourite apps, phone features, and more inside your Alfa Romeo vehicle? Apple CarPlay is the perfect solution for iPhone owners who want to stay connected while driving their Alfa Romeo model. Continue reading to learn how to set up Apple CarPlay with your Alfa Romeo vehicle of choice. 

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Activate Siri

Before drivers connect their Apple device to their Alfa Romeo vehicle via Apple CarPlay, the user must ensure that Siri is active on their device. If the user is unsure as to whether or not Siri is currently enabled, they can double-check by going to their phone’s settings app and navigating to the dedicated Siri section. As soon as Siri is enabled, drivers can connect their device to their vehicle via an appropriate cable. 

Alfa Connect infotainment system

Grant Access to the Vehicle

Once the phone and the vehicle are connected, the device will ask the user for permission to connect to the vehicle via a prompt. Once prompted, tap “Allow” and follow any additional steps listed, if provided. Once access is allowed, the vehicle is now successfully connected to your phone via Apple CarPlay. 

What Can Drivers Do With Apple CarPlay?

Drivers can enjoy a variety of unique features and services once they’ve connected their iPhone and Alfa Romeo vehicle. For example, drivers can use Siri to ask for directions, nearby areas of interest, and more. Similarly, drivers can use Siri to access their phone’s personal contact list and place a call, without having to take their hands off the wheel. 

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