How to Find a Car That Accommodates to Your Canine Companion

No matter how much time your dog spends traveling in your car, it's important to transport them safely and comfortably, and we want to help at Maranello Alfa Romeo. Look for these dog-friendly features the next time you're in the market for a new vehicle.

There are multiple comfort-enhancing features that can help your pup enjoy the ride. Sunshades for the back windows can help keep your dog cool, and backseat climate control is another handy feature that helps keep your pet comfortable. The most ideal type of climate control system is one that allows you to control the temperature in the back from the driver's seat. There are some vehicles that offer heated back seats, which provide your furry friend with instant warmth in colder climates.

Check the shape of the back seats and make sure they are appropriate for your dog. Larger dogs may be more comfortable with a bench seat, and smaller dogs will probably ride better in bucket-style seats.