Changing Your Oil When You Have Low-Mileage

If you haven't been driving your vehicle very often, you might be wondering when you should schedule an oil change at Maranello Alfa Romeo. If you're under 600 miles per month, you have the ability to prolong your oil change for a little bit. You just need to make sure that you're still driving your vehicle every couple of weeks. We recommend that you do a little highway driving in Woodbridge South, ON for about 15 miles. This keeps all the fluid moving.

Check the oil in your engine with the dipstick that is included. The color of your oil should be amber. If it starts to look black or sludgy, you should go ahead and get your vehicle an oil change.

Keep an eye out for animals or rodents that might be trying to make a home out of your engine. This frequently happens with vehicles that aren't driven often.